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"My child isn't doing well in school. What can I do?"

  • I've seen a consistent drop in my child's grades. How do I approach the school and ask for help?

  • My child's teacher has raised concern that my child is distracted in class, no matter what subject! I don't see this distraction at home, or on the weekends. How do I prepare for a parent-teacher conference?

  • My husband and I are worried that our child is not being invited to parties or play dates. We talked to the teacher about it, and she said that our son plays "differently" than his peers. He does his own thing on the playground and talks to himself the whole time. Can we ask the school to help us figure out what's happening?

"I will be attending a meeting to decide if my child should have an individualized education plan (IEP) next week. What should I expect?"

  • I received a testing report to help me prepare for our initial meeting with "the Team". It is so detailed, I'm having trouble figuring out what it all means...

  • How does the school decide if my child is eligible for an IEP? What can I do if she is not eligible?

  • Do my wife and I have the opportunity to give input in the education plan?

"My child is on an individualized educational plan and doesn't seem to be making effective progress. I'm worried that the school won't share my concerns. How do I prepare to talk to them?"